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Who are the students?

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As a community team, our students come from high schools across Irvine and the surrounding area. They come from diverse backgrounds and were selected through an application and interview process. Each student is a part of one of our 5 subteams which work together to create a final robot.

Every robot starts with the CAD team. Students on this team take ideas from the rest of the team and work to model their ideas and design parts in a virtual space before sending it over to be built. This creates a blueprint for the rest of the team to prototype and revise.

The programming team acts as the bridge between the mechanical and human interface. They write the code that controls the robot and makes sure it functions both when it’s being controlled by someone and during the autonomous portion of the competition.

The build team is in charge of manufacturing the robot, from making raw parts to assembling them into a working machine. They work closely with the CAD team to bring the robot from an idea to a practical design.

All electrical components from wires, power, and pneumatics are handled by the electrical team. They assemble the “brain” of the robot which interprets the programming team’s code into motion that allows the robot to complete its tasks in a competition.

Marketing and Media
The marketing and media team handles the public relations and fundraising side of running a robotics team. Students work to design graphics and team merch, write grant proposals and applications, and contact potential sponsors. They also create content for the website and maintain the team’s image on social media.

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